Frequently Asked Questions about building a website
  1. Why should an author have a website?
  2. Why should an author NOT have a website?
  3. Why should he or she have it professionally done?
  4. How long does it take to build a website?
  5. What should be on the website?
  6. How much does it cost?
    • Domain name
    • Hosting
    • Design
    • Maintenance
  7. How many visitors should I be getting to my site?
  8. What about a hit counter?
  9. How can I get people to come to my site?
  10. Should I pay for search engine placement?
  11. How do I pick a webmaster?

About Cincinnati MediaCincinnatiMedia is a website firm specializing in author, nonprofit and small business websites. We present this FAQ as a service to our clients, as well as to others who might be considering building a website.

Our website clients include:
Karin Slaughter
Laura Lippman
Jeff Shelby
Ellen Crosby
Blake Crouch
J.D. Rhoades
Rick Mofina
Jonathan Santlofer
Robin Burcell
David Cole
Michael Black
Tom Eslick
Tony Fennelly
Loretta Hudson
MG Kincaid
Valerie S. Malmont      
Sally Wright
Kja Wishnia
Sharon Zukowski
Maddy Hunter
Steven Torres
Sandra Balzo
Jeremiah Healy
Jason Starr
Kris Radish
Reed Farrel Coleman
Mary Jane Clark
PJ Parrish
Alexandra Sokoloff
Dave Case
Lynn Hightower
Shelly Reuben
Naomi Rand
Julie Hyzy
Ken Morris
Ralph Pezzullo
Jeffrey Marks
D.C. Brod
Katy Munger
Kathryn Wall
Jill Miller Zimon
Reneé Gardner
Patricia Harwin
Con Lehane
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