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CincinnatiMedia is focused on helping authors, small businesses and non-profit organizations establish their presence in the competitive online marketplace.

We can help build a Facebook Fan page which is co-branded with your website, and advise you on how best to recruit new fans, monitor your interactions and help you turn friends into readers into fans.

We can provide technical writing services, digital photography, digital imaging of existing documents or logos, and custom graphics -- as well as traditional desktop publishing.

Authors sometimes have special challenges to address in their websites - different series, different pen names, diverse characters, nonfiction publications, lack of marketing support from publishers, and low budgets for promotions. CincinnatiMedia is prepared to address these issues and help you find the best way to promote yourself online.

Whether our clients need to snazz up a current site, build one from scratch, customize a blog, or just handle updating and site maintenance projects, CincinnatiMedia will help meet your goals -- and your budget!

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