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Some of my favorite websites are for authors. I am a "book eater" (someone who reads constantly and quickly) and I almost exclusively read mysteries these days. When working on websites for authors, I bring the extra qualification as a reader. I can help provide a fan's viewpoint in addition to professional design and marketing experience.

Authors sometimes have special challenges to address in their websites -- different series, different pen names, diverse characters, nonfiction publications, lack of marketing support from publishers, low budgets for promotions -- CincinnatiMedia is prepared to address these issues and help you find the best way to promote yourself online.

Here are some ways in which CincinnatiMedia has helped authors address challenges:

Two series, two names, one site
Jeremiah Healy publishes the popular John Francis Cuddy series under his own name. He also publishes a new (and popular) series under the name "Terry Devane." He wanted to "come out" as both authors on his website. We designed a site that integrates both pseudonym, and ties it all together with the tagline "Either way, it's about justice." Readers can access any part of the site from any web page. Jerry can also track e-mail as coming from the "Terry Devane" side of the site, or the "Jeremiah Healy" side of the site.

International audience
I manage bestselling author Karin Slaughter's website, which has included adding new sections, and managing reader newsletters and databases. I provide her with a site visit analysis, which gives her details on the number and location of the people who have seen her website. Karin has fans from all over the world, and she needed a way to keep track of readers in various countries, so they could be notified of local translations becoming available and/or local tours.

I want a site that's just like me
Award-winning author Laura Lippman loved the look of her book cover for The Sugar House, so we designed a site around the theme of the cover. She really wanted a site that was casual, easy-going, friendly, and clean. Laura sends monthly updates for the site, and also sent a lot of items from her own bulletin board to make the site more personal for her readers. Her site is very popular with her readers.
See also: Valerie Malmont's website for book-cover inspired design, and Reed Coleman's site for a strong "make it personal" inspiration.

Someone else built the site, but I want to spruce it up
Authors have built sites themselves, had friends or family build sites, had publisher help from the beginning, maybe their webmaster moved on...sometimes client just want to polish the site up a little, or add some new features while maintaining the original site look. We've helped TartCity, Rick Mofina, Robin Burcell, Kathryn Wall, Karin Slaughter, and others with just such sites.

Money is tight. This comes out of my pocket!
We'll work with whatever budget you have. We'll make recommendations based on your budget, show you options to maximize your funds, make a plan to do upgrades over a longer period of time. We're happy to do the smaller "just get me online for now" jobs, and are happy that all of our clients have come back to us when they are able to make upgrades.

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