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"Until I met Beth Tindall, I basically thought of my computer as a typewriter and a telegraph key. However, when people stopped asking me if I HAD a website, and instead began asking me WHAT'S your website, I realized I had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century. Beth and her company did an absolutely superb job of integrating a single website that can be accessed for information both about private-eye novels under my own name, and legal thrillers under my pseudonym of 'Terry Devane.' Beth also coordinated beautifully with my publicist AND my photographer on what should go where and at what degrees of 'resolution' and other technical details. CincinnatiMedia has been a joy to work with, and you can kick the tires at for yourself."
Jeremiah Healy

"I open my e-mail almost every day to discover correspondence from fans who have visited the website that CincinnatiMedia designed for me, and I credit the site's user-friendly look, which captured exactly what I wanted. Inviting and breezy, the site has proved indispensable in reaching new fans. I can't believe I went so long without a website, and I can't believe that I am lucky enough to have Beth Tindall as my webmistress."
Laura Lippman

I was amazed at how quickly Beth was able to implement the changes I needed on my page. The report she generated was precise, accurate and very easy to understand. I tell people that I'm not smart enough to be a web expert, but I'm smart enough to know who to hire.
Karin Slaughter

CincinnatiMedia knows how to make you look good -- face it, if they managed it for me, they can manage it for anybody. (about her author photo for Naked Came the Phoenix)
Val McDermid

I recommend CincinnatiMedia's website services wholeheartedly. I came to them during two emergencies and both times they responded promptly, efficiently and with a great deal of good humor and talent. They then went on to improve both websites tremendously.

Specifically, they untangled an html coding nightmare for me on my personal website - working into the middle of the night to ensure it was up and running smoothly before a New York Times mention drove traffic my way.

They also dove into the task of tweaking the original design of to make it more readable, managing to keep all parties involved happy -- despite differing views on design! -- and bringing a great deal more readability to our visual concept without drastically changing the signature look. They now handle our monthly updates promptly and perfectly, despite a sometimes chaotic and sporadic production process on our part.

CincinnatiMedia's website services are for you if you need a company that acts quickly, can work with a minimum of guidance, cuts through red tape, can untangle the coding spider webs caused by amateur programming efforts, and understands the need to balance content with design and navigation. As a wonderful side benefit, the company is headed up by devoted readers who understand the importance of the written word and the need for authors to maximize their Internet exposure as a way to attract a wider audience.
Katy Munger

I couldn't be more pleased with the results from the folks at CincinnatiMedia. The categorically positive feedback I've received is quite startling. It is not, however, their obvious technical skills which most impressed me. Beth Tindall, in particular, worked hard to come up with a concept that not only reflected the tone of my writing, but one which was a reflection of me as a person and author. No cookie cutter or off-the-rack stuff here. Working with Beth was like working with a Saville Row tailor.
Reed Coleman

Beth Tindall not only creates fantastic websites, she's a joy to work with. A website designer myself, I never seemed to have time to finish my own site -- Beth did it for me in record time, including a lot of changes I asked for on short notice. She adjusts quickly to the level of technical knowledge of any client, explains possibilities clearly, and is a dream with graphics. I regularly carry her business cards to all writer's conferences and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anybody.
David Cole

Beth has been a total star in setting up and managing our website. Not only is she madly efficient and on top of everything, she also has taken a very proactive role in bringing potential ideas and problems to our attention and dealing with them superbly. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone -- in fact, I already do on a regular basis. She has been a godsend to us and we feel incredibly lucky to have found her. Lauren Henderson

I've had a website for a number of years, and had fairly decent traffic and sales. But after it was redesigned and retooled by CincinnatiMedia, everything went through the roof! I get tons of compliments on the site from customers, particularly on the ease of navigating and cool design. Thanks, CincinnatiMedia!
Eileen Moushey, Mysteries by Moushey

CincinnatiMedia came through for me during a period when I was under great stress and didn't want to deal with anything as complicated as designing a web site. Beth Tindall put me at ease and took the pressure off me. I've had many compliments for the beautifully designed and unique web site she built for me. Since it was finished, any additions or changes I've needed have been taken care of instantly.
Valerie Malmont

No one, and I mean NO ONE can touch these guys. They have a never-miss eye for detail, an ear that hears precisely what the client needs, wants, and can afford. Then they deliver. And they deliver fast. Then they follow up. That's just for starters. CincinnatiMedia then goes beyond your expections, with a never-ending flow of tender loving care that's is jaw-dropping.
Rick Mofina

Beth is very good. And quick. And she makes lovely, shiny things happen.
Stella Duffy

Beth is the best! I am the ultimate 'don't-know-and-don't-want-to-know' technophobe and Beth is my enabler. She takes all our lovely, witty words on and turns them into, er, whatever they turn into when they're launched into cyberspace. It's like magic. Or like having your own fairy godmother, only one who knows the difference between HTML and ... and ... whatever that other thing is.
Chris Niles

Beth is a very talented Web designer with a great sense of humor. Working with her has been both productive and delightful. Her services are delivered promptly, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost. What more could you ask?
Kathryn R. Wall

"I don't know anything about designing a website, so I was relieved that Beth seemed to know *everything* about it. Best of all, she made it fast and easy to load, so potential readers don't get impatient and click off."
Tony Fennelly

"Without Beth Tindall's advice and assistance I would never have been able to set up my author's site, (which has since spawned a weblog of liberal politics at She was there at every step as I tried to figure out HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Highly recommended."
Jerome Doolittle

CincinnatiMedia is fast, professional, and their work is outstanding. I wanted a website that reflected my writing. They delivered.
Robin Burcell

Too busy writing books to get your newsletters sent out or your form mail sorted? Then this is the place to go.
Fidelis Morgan


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